valentine wood crafts

Thursday, February 11th 2016. | special craft

valentine wood craftsvalentine wood crafts.. lovely  box..

to make this Valentine’s Day heart box, first I have to glue two oak words together. now this board is identical to the ones I have glued in. I will use this piece of plywood to make a template to route the half-heart shape in the inside of the box and this is the router guide.

Bush the problem is that it is some taller than the plywood thickness but if I put a piece of marquetry on the plywood problem solved, then I Center the oak board on the marquetry and I mark the board with on the marquetry.  so now I
know the half-heart I will draw must be between those lines, but before drawing it I glue the marquetry on the plywood, there is no need to put glue in the center because I will cut that part. I put the marquetry on the plywood, I put a couple of concrete blocks on the marquetry and I wait until the glue dries. now I have already drawn the half-heart shape and I left one centimeter and a half here and here, but I must have in mind that the distance from the outside of the guide wash to the edge of the router bit is 6 millimeters.

valentine wood crafts

so I mark some points at 6 millimeters from the drawing line and I follow those points to make a bigger drawing and I use a pencil to retouch it. I drill a hole so I can pass the jigsaw blade and now I have to be patient and as precise as I can to cut the half heart shape.
well much better than expected, no need to sound too much now there is a small curvature between the vertical ring and the horizontal plate in the guide bush, so the vertical ring doesn’t reach the edge of the plywood, so I will round the top corner but not too much just a slightly, so I will use this router bit like this now these are the boards I glued before and I make a mark at some centimeters from the end.

so I put this corner on the mark I align the two parallel lines with the world, and I screw the template with two screws at three or four centimeters from the edge of the half-heart shape I said, the depth I want wrote I lock the router I  said, the left stop and now I can release the rock now, first I wrote with the guide.
Bush against the template and I push down as lowly so I wrote in several.

but now I realize I was very optimistic trying to route so deep while I was keeping the guide bush against the template, it was not difficult to route but it will be very difficult to route in the inside. so first I will use a Forstner bit to eliminate as many wood as I can, a lot of work to do and I must be careful so I don’t drill too much.
I must make sure the tip of the Forstner bit dango was deep as the router bit all-in-all a lot of effort, next time I won world so deep.
now I use a gauge to clean the wood very carefully to make you write only for mark in the edge of the box, and now I
still have to route that so I keep routing at least while 1/2 a vase for the router, and now I still have to wrote that but I
don’t have a vase to put the rotor on so I put their data strip of plywood and if I put their water on it.

now I can wrote in the center if I pull there at the guide bush, I can move the plywood strip but because I have to route very deep, when I put the router on the plywood I have to use this collector standing but, the problem is that I cannot use it together with the guide Bush.  I could use it like this but it burns the plywood so I screw it to the router base.

now I have already installed the collet tension with the router, bit I push the router down until the bit slightly touches the wood, and I lock it and now I can route in the center of the box. but because I don’t use the guide Bush I must make sure I don’t roll the sides of the box.

well not as good as I’d like but because it is the first time I do this, it is good enough then I have to take a lot of
time sanding it to get a nice surface.
first with Roz grit sandpaper then with medium grit sandpaper and finally with fine grit sandpaper, now trying to keep that distance I draw the outside of the box and after cutting the board into I can cut the outside of the wooden box.

now this is the half-heart I have just made and my intention was to make a symmetrical one like this, I could put
one next to the other like two trays but it took me a lot of time and effort to make this one, so I decided to forget the
symmetrical one and I just will make a lid for this one I cut 1/2 millimeter away from the line because I will make
it fit perfect in the world sundown.

now I pull there are some pieces of double-sided tape and I just take the lid, making sure it protrudes a slightly all around the box, and now in the world thunder making sure to keep the Box perfectly vertical, I sunned until the lid fits perfect and that all around the box is perfectly smooth.

I remove the double-sided tape and I send everything with medium grit and with fine grit sandpaper. I clean the
vast and I varnish it. I put a couple of hinges and a lock and I also put a small handle. finally I can fill this box with
lots of chocolate, and then I would use some nice gift wrap to wrap it but.. because I don’t have a girlfriend I will eat all the chocolate myself and I will keep the box for another moment haha.. thanks..