harvest decorations

Thursday, September 7th 2017. | craft decoration

harvest decorationsharvest decorations.. put aside some of your garden’s bounty for inexpensive, easy decorations..

As you gather around the table this season, set aside some of the rewards of your garden for cheap and easy decorations. Autumn vegetables such as pumpkin, artichokes and winter squash last long, and beautifully mixed with autumn fruit, berries and leaves.

Use your plants to make cornucopia, or add gold, green, red and other gems to tablecloths, bookshelves or terraces.

Do not have enough homemade products or fall flowers? Check with your local Depot Home store; many sell pumpkins, mummies, flowering kangsung and other ornamental plants in the fall.

Make a spill

Cornucopias are the traditional way to show off your autumn harvest. Begin by placing a rattan spill on a large tray covered with autumn leaves. This tray will help protect your table or other surfaces as the vegetables begin to soften.

Put the bottom of cornucopia with more leaves and add your larger vegetables. Fill more and around them with miniature flasks, Indian corn, crabapples, berries, pumpkins, pomegranates or whatever is in your hand.

Let some fruits and vegetables spill on the tray, and dip them into small pine cones, acorns, walnuts, or pecans. For additional colors, cut the chrysanthemum and place the stems in a flower tube that contains water. (You can find flower tubes for sale at many craft stores.)

Use the candle in the centerpiece

The soft light of candles reveals the muffled colors of many autumn vegetables. To make a core, place a candle with a pile in the center of a large bowl, and deal with mini pumpkins, small pine cones, apples, winter gourds or small pumpkins.
harvest decorations
Crown the bowl with sweet and artificial sweet or sour vines to pull the arrangement together, and enter some fresh mummies, marigolds or other small flowers, if desired.
harvest falling decoration

Make your head come in warm and comfortable this fall with a colorful display of colorful pumpkin plants, dried corn stalks, pumpkin gourd, pansies and green cabbage or green cabbage with rich colors.

If you choose mothers with newly opened shoots, and keep the plants watered regularly during dry periods, they will often bloom for weeks.

For fun, add some small white squash to your terrace as well. They make great decorations for Halloween and also Thanksgiving.

Decorate Windowsill

Autumn decoration does not have to be elaborated. Simple settings are also interesting. Try putting mini pumpkins on shelves, windows, tablecloths, or shelves.

harvest decorations

cute pumpkins for your windowsill..

You can also use a sharp knife to slice pumpkins, squash or hard winter squash carefully and insert a vase filled with water that contains flowers, autumn leaves and ornamental grass.

Have fun while decorating and enjoying your crops.