fun easy crafts to make

Friday, September 29th 2017. | textiles craft

fun easy crafts to makefun easy crafts to make.. easy felt butterfly..

fun easy crafts to make – Material that needs to be prepared to make the felt butterfly:

– felt
– pipe cleaner
– hot glue
– scissor

How to make it is:

1. Cut out two circles of felt with different shades and sizes, which are the other one slightly larger than others.

2. Then what do you want to do is just take it and start bend it both circles feel like an accordion .. yeah that should look like a butterfly wing.

3. For the tentacle, we cut the pipe cleaner then bend just like “V”.

4. Make a rectangular piece to tie it all up, and it should look like a butterfly’s body part.

5. Bind the wing and antenna with the body, make sure that antenna goes on top of the bigger wing.

6. Bend the tip of the antenna to make it look more sweet haha ..

These are really fast and easy to make. They’re so cute and you can make enough for attractive decoration.