craft ideas for summer season

Sunday, July 16th 2017. | four season

craft ideas for summer seasoncraft ideas for summer season.. foam core surf board craft..


White foam core board: I used a cheap one from the dollar store.
Printable template: Right click and “save as” to download our free printable surfboard craft template!
Pencil: For tracing the template onto the foam core board, and for lightly sketching designs before coloring them in.
Something to cut the foam core board: I, being too lazy to find an X-acto knife, used a large pair of craft scissors, which works okay for everything but the extra large surfboards.
Permanent markers: If you’re going to use the surfboards in the water, you’ll want to use permanent markers if possible so that the colors don’t run. I highly recommend a pack of neon Sharpies for this project. The bright colors glow even in the shade — perfect for pretending you’re really at the beach!
Ruler (optional): Handy to have if you want to draw stripes (or rails for a train surfboard like Thomas’ below).
Small toys who would like to learn how to surf: We used Thomas & Friends Pez trains (carefully removed from their Pez dispenser bases by an adult; you can find these at Toys’R’Us), Angry Bird game figures, LEGO mini figures, and a Brio worker figure.