christmas party crafts for kids

Sunday, November 5th 2017. | special craft

christmas party crafts for kidschristmas party crafts for kids.. cute cone christmas party hats..

conical hat is something that is commonly encountered when we come to a party.
Why is that? one of the reasons is that this hat is one of the easiest hats to make.
You do not believe? try you follow the following steps.

okay these are some of the things we need:

colorful craft paper
lil pom-pom
blink blink stuff for decorating

after all is ready, we start to make a hat:

first make cone shape with your craft paper, glue to form it, then trim the bottom, add some yarn so that the hat does not easily escape from your head

next you can color or decorate the conical hat it is in accordance with what you like. you can apply all the pom poms and blink blink stuff you have.

this is very easy is not it! so .. let’s get the party started haha ..